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Botsman 2Smax

Mini suction cutter dredger, excavator

The dredger cleans water bodies from silt, vegetation, sludge, tailings, garbage. Performs dredging and bank consolidation works. The dredger can also take part in the construction and operation of hydraulic structures. Extracts sapropel, peat, mud, etc. The multi-purpose system can cope with any landscaping task. A special feature of this dredger is the unique milling cutter complete with a grinder, which contributes to the smooth and clog-free operation of the pump. Spuds enable the system to perform its works more accurately. The pontoon is divided into two sealed compartments and equipped with automatic bilge pumps.

Мини земснаряд экскаватор Боцман
Technical Specifications

                 240 m³/час.

Pump capacity 

                 25 m³/час.

Capacity in dry ground equivalent


30 meters

Robin Subaru PTX 401

Motor pump

    Hydraulic station engine 

                 15 л.с.

                 250 m.

Maximum distance  of horizontal soil transportation with 10% of solid

                 до 6 m.

Maximum cutter depth up to

                 3,9 m.

Maximum depth of excavator boom or fork working

                 100 mm.

Diameter of suction and pressure slurry pipeline

                 3,8/2,4/2 m.

Length/width/height of the dredger (vessel)

                 400 кg.

Boom-end load capacity (4.5 m.)

                 140 degrees

Boom swing

Movement, lowering and lifting

Excavator boom, outboard motor

Method of dredge working

cutting and grinding

                 30 mm.

Maximum diameter of input solids

                 5 m.

Hydraulic spuds

                 0,3 m.

Operational condition draft

                 6 l.

Hydraulic station fuel tank capacity

                 12 V

Power supply voltage

                 1,9 т.

Dredger gross weight

Transportation in operational condition

1 truck trailer

Attachments, auxiliaries

• All-metal pontoon vessel with built-in reinforced swivel mechanism, divided into two sealed compartments. Hatch for compartments.

• Excavator hydraulic boom with 140 degrees of rotation.

• Dual-circuit hydraulic station, 15 hp.

• Motor pump Robin Subaru PTX 401 (2), Japan, equipment, 240 m3/h.

• Milling cutter with grinder, reverse, hydraulic drive and boom attachment.

• Reverse bucket, 60 l.

• Suction hose, 6 meters in length, 100 mm in diameter.

• Driver's workstation.

• Lift-on/lift-off mounts.

• Hydraulic oil level and temperature sensors.

• Control panel with joysticks.

• Data sheet, operational manual.

• Certificate.






1. Six-tooth fork with drain grid

2. Hydraulic spuds 

3. Walking spuds 

4. Float hydraulic supports, 2 pieces

5. Front hydraulic supports 

6. Automatic bilge pumps in compartments 

7. Wheels for transportation of spuds on solid ground (soil, asphalt)

8. Wearproof rubber latex fire hose with impregnation. 20 meters in coils

9. Cab with hinged roof 

10. Hydraulic drill 

11. Log grab 

12. Hydraulic vibratory pile driver

13. Outboard motor .

14. Collector rake with grid

15. Repair kit for hydraulics

16. Hood for engine and pump 

17. Reed mower K1

18. Propellers with hydraulic motors, hydraulic lift. Control panel

19.  Navigation

20. Online video monitoring 

21. Hydraulic-driven electric unit.

22. Hydraulic welding machine.

23. Hydraulic-driven pneumatic unit.

24. Transom for outboard motor with lifting and lowering mechanism

25. Built-in box for spare parts and tools

26. Wrench for hose heads, diameter 100-150 mm 

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