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THE AMPHIBIOUS MULTIPURPOSE DREDGER for all shallow water work  “Botsman M”



• Removal of algae. Dredging of reservoirs. Accomplishment of territory.
• Mining of gravel, clay sand, sand (l-V, V category soil with cutting head), sapropel, peat.
• Bank protection.
• Driving sheet piles, logs, fences.
• Cleaning of reservoirs from plants, algae, silt, debris, silt, trails, etc.
• Construction and maintenance of hydraulic structures (bridges, dams, piers).
• Construction and strengthening of structures in swamps.
• Reclamation.
• Treatment of sewers, narrow rivers, water pipes.
• The trench for the cable, water pipes, Sewerage.
• Construction of fences on impassable areas.
• Fire fighting and rescue.
• Mowing and removing reeds and algae.
• Cleaning from waterlogging.


Technical parameters
Dimensions: length / width / height: 5/2, 38/2 m.
The capacity of the dredger is up to 230 cubic meters per hour, depending on the choice of pump.
Materials: metal, aluminum.
Extraction depth: 0-4. 2 m., with a cutter extension up to 8 meters.
Arrow rotation: 140 degrees.
Pile stabilization: 5 m.
Hydroelectric station: 4-contour.
Vehicles: metal chain tracks, traction screws, boom.
Pump: ground, abrasive-resistant.
Engine: diesel, power: 56 kW, fuel consumption: 5-7 l / hour.
Pressure, lifting height: up to 45 meters, depending on the choice of pump.
Method of dredger development: milling and cutting.
Distance of transfer of the slurry: up to 350 m.
Pipe diameters: inlet / outlet-100/100 mm.
Weight: 3.2 tons.
Fuel tank capacity: 140 liters.


Basic set

- All-metal vessel with earthmoving boom and turning mechanism.
- Metal chain tracks with hydraulic drives and self-lubricating rollers.
- Engine: marine diesel TDME 56 kW or Kubota Series V3 3600.
- Hydro station: 4-contour, with electric oil cooler.
- Hydraulic driven piles.
- Engine compartment inside the ship.
- Quick coupling.
- Automatic drainage pumps.
- Fork.
- Rake for collecting algae and debris.
- Bucket.
- Remote-controlled cabin.
- Tensioner.
- Binding for loading.
- Parking lights.
- Wiper.
- User manual.
- Certificate.




1. GNS 160. Horizontal ground pump 2GrK 160/32 “Bobruysk Pump plant”, milling cutter with hydraulic actuator and chipper, circulating pump, pulp productivity: 160 cubes per hour, pressure: 32 m (optional) 

2. Suction dredge PA170» with a milling cutter and pounding 150 cubical meters per hour (optional) 

3. Rowing screws with hydro-engines, hydraulic hosting, remote control (optional)

4. Cane mower “K1” (optional)

5. Cane mower “K2” (optional)

6. Hydraulic pile driver (vibratory pile driver) with nozzles for driving of sheet piles, and poles

7. Hydraulic drill (optional)

8.Hydraulic welding generator HWG DYNASET.

9. Hydraulic generator HG DYNASET . HG3 3,5 kVt, 230V, 50Hz (optional)  

10. Hydraulic compressors DYNASET HK/HKR/HKL series. HK 450/8 - 450 l/min, 8 bar, tank 4 l, weight: 37 kg (optional) 

11. Hydraulic mounting for high-pressure treatment of pipes and channels (optional)

12. Trencher (optional)

13. Hydraulic nozzle for log dragging (optional) 

14. Repair kit for hydraulics (optional)

15. Navigation (optional)

16. Online video monitoring (optional)

17. Durable latex delivery hose with impregnation and flanged junction, 20 meter bay (optional)


Guarantee for assemblies and equipment by Amfibia LLC – two years.

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