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Multipurpose self-propelled suction dredger excavator Botsman 160

•  Cleaning and dredging of water reservoirs, improvement of territories.

• Extraction of gravel, sand (Class 1-4 soils, extraction of Class 5 soil - with the help of the cutterhead), sapropel, peat, clay.

•   Bank consolidation. 

• Driving in sheet piles, piles, logs, fences.

•   Cleaning water reservoirs from plants, algae, silt, debris, sludge, tailings, etc. 

•  Construction and operation of hydraulic works (hydroelectric power stations, bridges, dams, mooring berths, piers, etc.). 

•   Milling with mixing and transportation of pulp at ash dumps, sludge depositories, tailing dumps and treatment facilities. 

•   Construction and operation of facilities in swampy areas. 

•   Land reclamation. 

 •  Cleaning of gutters, field drains, secondary drains, narrow rivers. 

•   Digging trenches for laying cables, water supplies, sewage systems. 

•   Construction of fences in impassable places. 

•   Firefighting and rescue works. 

•  Mowing and uprooting reeds. 

•   Cleaning swampy waters.



The dredger is equipped with a dredging, abrasion-resistant, horizontal pump, the double casing and impeller of which are made of high-quality wear-resistant cast iron. It is also equipped with an additional centrifugal-type pump to start and flush the dredging pump. All components of the vessel work by hydraulics. The driver's cab is fully automated. The combination of the excavator arm and the dredger makes the vessel multifunctional, able to cope with various tasks. The hull of the vessel has a special treatment and painting that meet marine requirements. All wearable parts are made of high-quality materials.

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